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Catching up with May

Posted by Sara King on May 21, 2009
Categories: Writing

Well, it’s been awhile since I updated my blog, and there is a reason for that:

I was in the middle of a divorce.

I guess it was pretty gentle divorce, as far as divorces go.  We didn’t get lawyers and nobody died. It was hard, but it was about 5 years in the making and it was definitely time.

What has Sara learned from all this?  If you’re a creative type, don’t get married without a prenup.

Frankly, I think I might take that one step further and go the, “Don’t Get Married At All” route.  I’m not actively looking for male companionship and am perfectly happy being single forevermore.  If Mr. Right never waltzes out to my corner of Bush Alaska and I die old and alone, that’ll be just fine with me. 

So, because I’ve been slacking, here’s the news:

I have a new agent.  Her name is Amy.  She is awesomeness wrapped in a layer of awesome. 

My Sword and Sorceress story, “Marked by Wings of War,” was shortlisted by Sword and Sorceress 24.  I asked the editor if I could submit a second story in the interim.  She said yes.  I wrote a second, backup Sword and Sorceress story called “An Ember’s Tale” that ended up being 11.2k words and that, after much hacking and swearing, I managed to cut down to 9k to submit on the very last day of the deadline.  It was rejected within 24 hours–the jist was that the anthology couldn’t handle anything else that long.  So…damn.  But at least now I can expand it and add some more character development like my fellow Codexians wanted and submit it somewhere cool like Writers of the Future.  The first story, “Marked by the Wings of War” was also rejected, after about 1 month of overall waiting.  Again, too long.  Gah!

I started an Alaskan Apocalyptic story called “No Salt on the Yentna.”  I’m not sure if it’s a novel or a short story, but it’s got that “this is good” feel, so if I could only find some time between gardening and critiquing to sit down and finish it… 

I started a spinoff novel of the Codex short story called “The Heart of Scorpio.”  It’s about a ship AI that makes the jump to sentience when the crew and everyone is still trapped onboard. I’m writing it for the Codex Novel Contest, and it’s probably going to feature a lesbian because I’ve been challenged by my fellow Codexians to write a lesbian. I’ve never written a lesbian before. This will be a challenge. My goal, as they put it, is to make you, the poor, unsuspecting reader, really, really want my female protagonist to get it on with her sexy female friend. This is…uh…hard for me to imagine. But, like I said. A challenge.

The third novel in the works is The Water Thrall, which I am strongly considering simply taking up where the original 18k novella left off. It’s about elemental magic and is kind of depressing. I can’t seem to write ‘Happy Magic’ tales, for some reason. Ugh.

Two other novels I’m considering: Because I spent so much time building the worlds of “An Ember’s Tale” and “Marked by Wings of War,” I figure I might as well use those worlds to write novels.

I submitted The Sheet Charmer of Broketoe to last quarter’s Writers of the Future. I have very high hopes for it because it’s one of my best stories.

I sold two short stories: “Moderator,” to Neo-Opsis, and “Cheap Real Estate” to Shroud.

I also had some really AWESOME dreams, but I’ll post those separately, as I know some of you might not be dream connoisseurs.

I have not done anything else on Outer Bounds.  I know people are curious, and I’m really sorry.  I went through so much angst on that novel that now every time I look at it, I want to vomit all over myself while stabbing forks in my eyes.  But never fear!  I will eventually kick those Magali/Joel scenes into shape.  The rest of it is going to be awesome.  It’s just those two damn scenes that are driving me completely batty.

‘Gardening’ is taking up a lot of my time right now.  And, by gardening, I mean exhausting myself in the sun and dirt trying to grow a small portion of my food for winter.  (For those of you who are not aware, I’m living with my grandparents in the Alaskan Bush, and it costs mega bucks to fly food out here, so we try to can/preserve our own as much as possible.)

But anyway, I am now officially single.  This pleases me greatly.  It might even help with Outer Bounds.  I think part of the reason my writing was stagnated was because I was going through a rough period in my life.  Kind of sucked all my writing energy out of me.  But that should soon pass.

-Sara King

Proud Graduate of Odyssey ’08

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