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Five Books Published, Terms of Mercy #2 is Next!

Posted by Sara King on July 26, 2012
Categories: Writing

In the last 6 months, I’ve gotten 5 books published and for sale on Amazon (Outer Bounds: Fortune’s Rising, Terms of Mercy: To the Princess Bound, Millennium Potion: Wings of Retribution, Guardians of the First Realm: Alaskan Fire and Alaskan Fury), plus wrote a smut that nobody will ever know about because I published it under a pseudonym (cough).

Summer, as usual, has sucked for the amount of writing I’ve been able to get done. I am constantly finding myself choosing between, say, sitting in a cold, dark room hacking away at my keyboard while my legs hurt, or running off in the glorious Midnight Sun with XXXX family member who called at the spur-of-the-moment to go look for agates at the beach on their off-day. Argh! I’ve been trying to put my foot down lately, but it’s hard.

Because romance has been paying the bills, my tentative plan is to write 5 more romances before December 31st, some in the Alaskan Paranormal world, some in the Terms of Mercy world, and maybe a couple stand-alones. Then it’s back to the sci-fi… Hopefully, soon, I shall be able to find the time to polish up the After Earth sci-fi series and Form and Function fantasy series. Oh, and then there’s Earthseeker and the Anfyn Glen… /lesigh Too many projects.

-Sara King
Proud Graduate of Odyssey ’08

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  1. jeremydei says:

    Just finished reading Forging Zero and Zero Recall back to back. LOVE it. I crave more but I can’t find the next book available maybe it’s just not done yet? “Zero’s return”. I see there’s another Zero book called “Moldy Dead” which I’ll be reading next. Thanks and can’t wait for more excellent sci-fi to get published!

    (sci-fi kindle addict and alaska grown living in SF).

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