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Twelve-A Goes Hebrew

Posted by Sara King on April 3, 2008
Categories: Writing

And I totally forgot to mention the coolest writing thing that happened to me this week.  On April 1st (Yes, it was April Fool’s), I had what appeared to be an Israeli editor from the publication Mercury Magazine write me inquiring about whether or not they could purchase the reprint rights for Twelve-A (currently archived on the Apex Online website for February, 2008) and translate it into Hebrew for readers in Israel.

I was floored.  And delighted.

And seriously concerned.

It was, after all, April Fool’s.  The email address seemed legit, but I’m sure there’s ways to fool Hotmail into thinking you’re a bona-fide editor with an Israeli Magazine called Mercury.  I looked up the website.  Couldn’t read a damn thing because, guess what?  It was in Hebrew.  I figured it was either legit, or it was a really awesome attempt by someone who knows me really well to make me cry really hard.

And my grandpa is one sneaky sonofabitch.

Lucky for me, there wasn’t a reply email on April 2nd saying, “Sorry, but you have been FOOLED, FOOL.”  Instead, they’re either postponing my eventual misery for a much more delicious finale or they’re seriously going to be translating and publishing Twelve-A in Mercury.  God I hope someone’s not toying with me.

By the way, if someone reading this (Steven, Ruth, Chancey, Logan, Renae, Kevin, Patti, Tomas…) has a pretty little light go off in his or her head and thinks, “Wow, Sara WOULD really fall for an April Fool’s joke about writing, wouldn’t she??” then let me warn you right now.

I would kill you.

Ahem.  Now that we’ve gotten over that unpleasantness–

No.  Seriously.  I would kill you.

The more I think about it, though, the more I realize I should’ve called Steven up and told him, “Hey Babe, you know that book I wrote…?”  And then name a number with six digits.  Hehehehehehehe.  There’s always next year.

-Sara King

2 Responses to “Twelve-A Goes Hebrew”

  1. renae says:

    (puts hands in front of her face) I have no death wish. I hear how you talk about Clarian and you want to get in there!

    Look closer to home if it is a joke, which I really hope it is not!

    The most that I did for that day was say to a customer when he asked, “Is it 4-1?”

    “No…, it is 4-1”

    to which he laughed.

    You just keep writing and giving us updates. I love hearing of your progress, it gives me hope, that one day I may get my act together. LOL

  2. sara says:

    Hehe, cute :)

    And yeah, I still want to get into Clarion. Bastards.

    Hey, did you check out the new banner graphic on my main site? Martin J. Luke, a Millennium Potion reader, sent it to me. Isn’t it great?????? My jaw fell open when I first saw ti. Made me wish I had that kind of talent. Mine’s never run on the artistic side. My sister’s though… Jeez, she should be an architect. I don’t know why she’s wasting her time wiping old people’s butts in nursing. Gah. It’s like she actually cares about sick people or something. 😛

    -Sara King

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